Various Wedding Customs of Different Nations

England: The Longest Kept Cake

The bride would hold a bunch of callas during traditional English weddings. If the new couple live in the suburb, they will have to walk along with the guests till they make to the church, spreading orange blossoms on their way. English weddings are usually held in the middle of the day. And then the lunch get-together comes up, normally known as the wedding breakfast. In general, the wedding cake of English weddings is made of large amount of fruits with chopped almonds. Known as “Christening Cake”, which symbolizes “the bottle of birth”, the top of the wedding cake will be kept till the birth of the couple’s first-born.


The Czech Republic: The road gifted.

During their wedding, the bridesmaid would clip rosemary onto the dress of the guests as a sign of the happiness and loyalty of the marriage coming. The priest, on the other hand, would hold the couple’s hands together and instruct them to fulfill each others’ wishes. After that, the new couples will have to walk through a road covered with ribbons, where their relatives pay to let them go.


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