How The Bride Keep Slim Correctly

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Dazzling is every bride in the wedding most want to achieve, but no longer hot body even wear a beautiful vintage lace wedding dresses is also confident that he did not make so many thin bride before marriage has become a required course, but many The bride in order to map fast, slimming method is not correct, then how thin beautiful bride was correct?

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In real life, hunger and hunger is one of the weight-loss methods Many people choose this sacrifice for slimming healthy behaviors and desirable, we need to know each day to maintain a normal life is necessary to extract from food the calories to maintain, we can in the form of frequent meals of thin, but by no means do not eat something every day to thin, so you do not even lost health, general body needs calories a day in 1250 kcal .

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How thin beautiful bride just right? The most effective means of weight loss is diet and exercise. Through diet and exercise we can get heat and energy needed for the day to maintain a regular diet and exercise, change bad eating rule is the easiest way you thin, so a good understanding of why the simple exercise and proper diet Fuji magic slimming. BY Iris


What type of dress is suitable for the lawn wedding


Lawn wedding which close to nature is becoming more and more popular among new people, so what kind of lace wedding dress with sleeves is suitable for the lawn wedding? By Cora

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The first recommend
Strapless, A line, with the tail, the three elements are the most favorite styles for Asia bride, and it is also the most conforms to the lawn wedding, appear pure and fresh and elegant.

The second recommend
The fish tail that is not very narrow your body can also be used as a lawn wedding, but must tall bride just try, otherwise since its short.

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The third recommend
Long tail wedding dress is very suitable for the lawn wedding, if a champagne satin elements can appear very atmospheric.

The fourth recommend
White dress, with the help of the grass, lawn wedding visual enjoyment. Are easier to highlight the bride’s white than the white soft, creamy white wedding dress will make the color of skin looks more modern. If you are interested, you can visit Landybridal to find those beautiful wedding gowns.

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The whole collocation principles of wedding veil and wedding dress

With the introduction of western culture, wedding church is more and more popular, white yarn at the wedding of the number of times is more and more frequent, wearing a white lace wedding dresses to wear a veil, so bridal veil and how to match it?

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The veil of color and color collocation to coordinate the wedding. For example, choose the white wedding dress, then select the veil is best silver veil, choose the other colors of the wedding, it is best to wear gold series of veil.

To dress collocation according to the size of the veil

The veil is divided into short yarn, yarn and yarn mop. The staple yarn light and comfortable, suitable style wedding is close fitting clipping fishtail wedding dress the classical tradition design wedding. Such a match up will let the bride a charming and mysterious feeling. In the yarn and elegant style of dress for most conform to no conventional pattern. Long yarn, noble modeling and many wedding mix together are more appropriate, with long trailing long yarn can fully express the sense of the sacred mopping the floor, but inconvenient to take care of, brides in the choice must be careful.


According to the top right of the yarn and wedding dress as a whole collocation pay attention to the principle of learning, do you have a lot of light? Not married when you choose the wedding veil and must remember this point.