Floor length wedding dresses are fresh and elegant

For the bride who is about to enter the holy wedding hall, they should choose the wedding dresses which should be used in the wedding. By the way, they also need to order a customized wedding dress for themselves. Because of that after the wedding, there is a dinner for them. So we should make it easier for the bride to walk. The designer gowns can be the vest choices for them. They can be high end and not so complex like the western wedding dresses.

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This wedding dresses use the traditional red colors to highlight the warm and happiness of the wedding. And the design of this wedding dress is relatively simple. But it can not cover the fashionable feelings of the wedding dresses. And this wedding dress uses the strapless designs and the high waistline to make the bride be more amazing. The dress can show the bride’s sexy and elegant figure lines. The single red flower on the strap can make the bride seem cute and adorable. This is a wedding dress full of imagination.

How to choose the earring according to the face of the bride

logo1.For those brides who have thin faces, they are suitable to wear those large earrings. And such earrings can be their decorations in their daily lives. Those thin brides can use such earrings to modify the shortcomings of their facial shapes and add some unknown beauty for them.

2.For those brides who have long faces, they should choose designer gowns some earrings which can help them thin. For example, they can choose those large shiny jade earrings or short earrings without any tassels. These kinds of earrings can make their ears seem larger, so the face can be thinner and wider.


3.For those rounds face brides, please don’t choose those large and round earrings, because of that this earring can make people be more plump. And this will make your dace be more round and fatter. You can choose those earrings which are made of jewelries or those made by single diamonds.

4.For those brides who have melon seeds face shape (the characteristic of this face is round in the upper part and thin in the lower part or the bride has a wide forehead and a thin chin.), the key for them to decorate is that they should use earrings to add the width of the chin, so the face shape would be a little plump. So these brides can choose those flower shape earrings, which can make people feel the elegance of the bride, and this can make the bride be more lovely and handsome.

Small trailing strapless wedding dress can show the elegance and beauty

Though European women have the characteristics of unrestrained, when they choose the discount designer wedding dresses, there will be many women choose simple and elegant designer gowns. Just because of this, the simple wedding dresses have become more and more popular in these years.


And this kind of wedding dress has become one of the beloved wedding dress designs for lots of world famous wedding dress designers. Now I will introduce a wedding dress for you, which belongs to the small trailing simple one color wedding dresses. This wedding dress adopts the design of straight line and using the thin silk to bring luxurious feelings.


logoThe texture is so comfortable, so it can make the bride feel at ease when she dressed in this wedding dress. This wedding dress can also bring the elegant and natural atmosphere for the brides. And the design of this wedding dress is very simple; the high waistline of the wedding dress can make the bride be elegant and noble. And it can make the bride be sexy and luxurious.