Tips for choosing wedding shoes for wedding photography (2)

The ornaments on the shoes:
If the dress is gorgeous, then there should be some shiny or sparkling jewel embellishments on the shoes, but the gem does not need to be too cumbersome. Simple style gem is enough to make the bride look gorgeous and noble. If the wedding dress is rather complicated, then the shoes can be decorated with bright stones. Thus it can reveal the bride’s gorgeous temperament. If it is a simple wedding dress, then in addition to those diamonds, silk fabrics and pearls can also be added.

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Sports shoes can also be used to collocate with designer dresses:
Now there are many of the brides chasing the pursuit of individuality, they will often let their wedding modeling be more distinctive. When the beautiful bride wears a strapless short wedding dress, or gown style wedding dress, trailing wedding dress, then they need to choose a pair of sports shoes as the collocation. But when they choose the color of the shoes, it can be red, green, blue, white, black can be the best color. Short wedding dresses can be paired with red and green sneakers. If it is a trailing wedding dress, then a pair of black shoes can be absolutely full of personality. Gown wedding dresses collocated with high-heeled shoes can be too ordinary, if you can decorate it with a pair of red or green sports shoes, it will be another amazing style.

Mermaid thick satin wedding dress can make the bride be slender

Close fitting designer dresses consider a lot for the bride’s figure. If the body curve of the bride is fascinating enough, then wearing close fitting wedding dress can show the temperaments and curve lines very well. But if the shape of the bride is not perfect, the effect is likely to not so good or your image will be destroyed. Many brides will be cautious in the choice of close fitting wedding dresses. If you are confident, do you have the courage to challenge such wedding dresses?

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Today I will introduce a close fitting wedding dress for you, which is different from those common close fitting wedding dresses. No matter in the design or in the choice of fabric, they are unique. This close fitting wedding dress uncharacteristically uses the thick satin fabric. By using this fabric , it will be harder for tailoring, which need to accurately grasp the bride’s figure shape. There are many highlights in the wedding dresses, first of all, the straps of the wedding dress and the deep V shape of the wedding dress, they are all very tempting and fascinating. And the small fishtail skirt design can let the bride be slender. The close fitting design can show the curve line of the bride very well.

Those wedding dresses which catch the eyesight of the guests

Here is the new trend of the wedding dress! If you want to do the most eye-catching unique bride in your wedding day, then you should definitely choose the type which is unusual. If you want to be sexy and glamorous, you must start from the decoration of the breast! If you want your designer dresses is amazing, you should do some decorations to the chest.


New trend of the dress! If you want to be you, you should choose the special wedding dress which is different from those worn by common people. Dear brides, you should design the wedding dress from your chest! Only when the chest part is beautiful can you be attractive. On the awards, the white bow knot dress worn by Pixie Lott instantly blew the audience. With the perfect breast shape, the bow knot has become the latest wedding inspiration.
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Even in the red carpet, where have many spice girls gathering, the lady Jennifer Lopez is still so beautiful. This season’s most popular bundled designed dress made Jennifer Lopez becomes the goddess at once. Ice cream colored selection lets the goddess upgrade her sexiness. The design of the chest binding style can be reconstructed from the visual curve. Though there is some fat on the waistline, it can be covered perfectly. So, those brides who want to be sexy like Lopez, you can try this style.