Brides should know these things before the weddings

Wedding gifts: now many new couples have no ideas about the wedding gifts. But in fact, this is a thing which can reflect your heart to share the joy. Souvenir doesn’t have to be expensive but it must be innovative, which can let guests remember this day. And they can send the most sincere blessing to you.


Flower girl dress: if your wedding has a flower girl, then you must personally prepare a flower girl dress for her. The carved lace chiffon dress is too cute. I believe that she will become a major highlight of the wedding.

The dress for the honeymoon: after the wedding, you are going to enjoy the honeymoon. And you should prepare things in advance. Those sexy, formal and casual styles of designer dresses for weddings can all be taken out. And you should also know that you should make full exercise to win a perfect figure. Then you can show the perfect figure during the honeymoon.

Weddings are so sweet, if you are going to get married in following months, you should make preparations right now.

Simple plain wedding dress can show the nature of the bride

In nowadays, there are more and more modern women chasing simple lives. And more brides want to choose those simple designer dresses for weddings when they pick the dresses. Concise wedding dress can make the bride fresh like a beautiful lotus flower. And there is no need for them to wear any makeups. Only the nature can be viewed as the most amazing temperaments. Now I will introduce a simple plain wedding dress for you.


The idea of this simple wedding dress is simple and nature. Those brides will not only chase romantic and dreamy feelings. This wedding dress belongs to the simple wedding dresses. The whole design of this wedding dress is very simple, let’s have a look at this wedding dress together.


There are no complex embroidered patterns on the wedding dress, and this wedding dress can show the woman’s confidence and elegant temperaments. And this wedding dress can also be used to show the bride’s attitude to lives. Though the design of the wedding dress is very simple, it can still make the bride be more beautiful and elegant.

Tips for choosing wedding shoes for wedding photography (1)

For the bride, a beautiful wedding dress is the key to hold a wedding. But only one beautiful wedding dress is not enough, if the designer dresses for weddings is collocated with a pair of inappropriate shoes, then the wedding photos will be bleak. So when you take wedding photos, you should also pay attention to the choice of the shoes!


The height of the high heel should be right:
Attention must be paid when brides are going to pick wedding high-heeled shoes. The height should be chosen appropriately according to the groom. The height of the high heel should make the bride match the height of the groom. In addition, because of that the wedding studio generally made the wedding dresses according to the figure of standard model, so if the bride wants to highlight her own temperaments, she must choose a pair of nice high-heeled shoes. And the heel of the shoe doesn’t need be too high. Or they can just choose according to their own conditions. And choose the wedding heels according to their usual habits.

The bride should not choose those high heels with too long heels because of that they want to let them be slender, which can be very dangerous. And you will be tired when you take wedding photos. If the bride usually wears flat shoes, then do not accustom to wearing high heels in this occasion. Or they can choose a pair of shoes with shorter heels, which will not make the bride feel uncomfortable. Before taking the wedding photos, you can take practice. I think that the high heels can be with the height of 3 to 5 center meters.