Bride can choose the color of the wedding dress according to the skin color (2)

Partial white skin has another kind, that is sometimes you may look a little pale, then you should avoid the milky white color wedding dresses, which can make people pale. Especially there is no spirit. Choose one of pure couture wedding dresses can heighten the whole personal temperament.


If the skin is dark, then the bride can choose a bright colored wedding dress, although this will become more prominent and eye-catching, but it can create a healthy and sexy temperament very well. Of course, the prerequisite must be that the bride has a healthy skin color, so it can highlight the luster effect, which can increase the charming and attractive temperament.

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For those brides whose skin color is yellowish, due to the bad skin color, it will let a person feel that you have a bad complexion. So do not choose the purple and blue colored wedding dress, because of that this will make the white skin be darker and yellowish. This kind of bride can choose the middle color wedding dresses, or they can also choose those warm colored wedding dresses. Only in this way can ease the skin defect to make the bride look healthy and energetic.

The collar of the wedding dress can highlight the elegance

Standing collar clothing is simple, neat, slender and straight. Standing collar wedding dress can show the bride’s slender and slim figure, and it can be used to show the persevered temperament as well. This unique characteristic is loved by many brides. Here I will introduce a standing collar wedding dress for you. And I hope this can inspire you to choose a right couture wedding dresses, let’s have a look at it.


Bright satin can maintain the wedding design with the original shape very well, which can be a relatively high-end wedding dress. And the standing collar wedding dress which I introduce for you is using the bright satin as the main wedding dress material. The wedding dress uses a large number of fine embroidering patterns from hip to the upper body, and it can highlight the bride’s elegant and noble temperaments. Fancy collar design is one of the highlights of this standing collar wedding dress.

There are many different kinds of such wedding dresses, if you like, you can come and have a look at those beautiful standing collar wedding dresses.

Some tips and knowledge on the wedding gowns

1. Fabric
(1) Satin fabric: this fabric is with thick texture, due to the relationship between gravity, so there is senses of weight, which can make people feel very real. There are some lines which can be used to create warm feeling, which is suitable for tall brides.

21165000001c (2) Pearl yarn: this fabric is bright, and the color concept is soft and elegant, which is suitable for those lively, petite, princess like brides.
(3) Velvet: this wedding dress has the comparison with lines, which can give people a noble, mysterious, warm feeling.

2. Changes in the collar
(1) Peach collar: which is suitable for short neck, and for those brides who have fat faces or plump body?
(2) V shaped collar: this kind of wedding dress is suitable for those brides who have short necks.
(3) High round collar: this kind of wedding dress is appropriate for those brides having long necks or those skinny girls.
(4) Off shoulder collar: for the more fat people, and the jewelry can not be too luxurious. Some slender necklace can enhance plumpness.
(5) Square collar: for those brides who have straight body, and standard face shape.
(6) Princess collar: for those girls who have oval faces.

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3. The style of the sleeve: Puff sleeve, straight long sleeves, princess sleeves and so on.

4. The design of the couture wedding dresses waist: waist line can be divided into the low waist, high waist, artificial waistline and so on. Fat people can wear those wedding dresses which can grasp the long lines.

5. The length of the hem: upright, trailing type, mermaid style.