Show off the Hottie within in an Open Chest Mermaid Backless Wedding Dress!


Not to mention, the bride herself must be the most shimmering star on her wedding day. To achieve this goal, a well thought-out wedding plan must be arranged in advance, which brings us to the selection of suitable wedding gowns. Obviously, people with different personalities show various taste on their outfit as well. With pride, we present you with this open chest backless wedding dress design among all mermaid wedding dresses.


The specially applied close fit design emphasizes the appealing curves of our fair lady, while the open chest style, as you can see for yourself, brings out the hot-self of her naturally. Now turn around and check out the half backless design behind. Dreamy and sexy from all directions. That’s what we’re talking about!


Trailing Princess Dress with High Waistline can Create a Dreamy Wedding Dress

High waistline design is very popular these years. And many designers add this point into the design of the wedding dress. Trailing wedding dress has the large train, which can make you like a princess in the royal palace. And this can realize girl’s dream very well.


The strapless, high waistline, backless designs are added with some other details can make women more beautiful and sexy; the curves can also be shown very well. More fashionable elements would be added, more difficult it will be when the designers design the wedding dress. And if you wear a wrong collocation, then it will be very strange. But for the top wedding dress designers, all these problems are not problems, they can design the latest fashion elements without any hesitation.


The princess wedding dress add a variety of popular design elements into the design, such as the design of high waistline, compared with the ordinary empire wedding dresses, this dress needn’t rely on the shape of the bride to cut. And other princess wedding dresses are in accordance with the shape to cut, but this princess wedding dress is in around. There is a clear boundary line, the aesthetic feeling of high waistline can be very sexy and beautiful.

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And the strapless design with the same distinction, place a lot of embroideries with the strapless design to highlight the spots of the wedding dress, which can be very elegant and noble, the strapless neckline is very great. The design of the hem of the dress is simple and romantic, to spread out with the princess type, like a blooming flower, pure and fresh and elegant. And the long tail just like a lily opens quietly, with a quite beauty. This is a very fashionable princess wedding dress.


The Mermaid Wedding Dress is Suitable for What Kinds of Figures?


Close-fitting mermaid wedding dress is one of the most beautiful wedding dresses which can show the women’s elegance and sexy figure lines. The mermaid wedding dress is a type of delicate marriage gauze; proper cutting can display the bride’s slender body, slender waist and amazing crotch form contrast. However, by contrast, the requirements of mermaid wedding dress for the bride’s figure are relatively high, people with no perfect body curve tends to wear out the opposite effect. But the mermaid wedding dress will be a perfect choice for those brides with sexy figures. Because of that this moment is really a great opportunity for the brides to show the sexy figure.


So if your figure is slim, then you could choose this mermaid wedding dress to make yourself more beautiful. And if your figure is relatively fat, then you could try those wedding dresses with large gowns. In this case, the figure will not be seen. And the beauty of the bride will be fully shown in front of the guests.

So actually, the mermaid wedding dress is suitable for what kind of figures? The answer is that mermaid wedding dress is suitable for thin sexy figure scales. And the curve line of the brides must be very attractive. This kind of mermaid wedding dresses is not suitable for those fat brides, or those brides with too plump hips or those brides with short legs. Mermaid wedding dress is not suitable for those brides with “pail waist”, because this kind of mermaid wedding dress is really very close-fitting clipping, so there is no place for “pail waist” to hide. Or in other ways, if the other parts of the brides are not so perfect, then it can be overcome by designs.