The Hottest Bridal Gown Design in 2015

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Bridal gowns tend to be more sincere but delicate in 2015. In addition, vintage laces, as the new favorite among designers, show off their magical charm on the new bridal gown collection.

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Princess Style wedding dress trends 2016: The most classic and traditional design, featured by the close-fit design on the chest and waist. With the match of the fluffy skirt, it is known to be both adorable and gorgeous. The perfect choice for tiny or pear-shaped girls.

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Fabulous Sheath-Column Straps Natural Train Lace Ivory Sleeveless Backless Wedding Dress with Appliques

A-line Wedding Gown: Be designed as the letter “A” in shape, combining close-fitting chest design with high waistline together. You may be able to lengthen your legs by the spreading skirt below the breasts. A nice selection for tiny brides or brides with big waist.

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Mermaid Wedding Gown: Well-known for its spreading design on the skirt exactly like the tail of a mermaid. With the match of the close-fit design on the upper part of your body, your feminine curves will be revealed completely. Suitable for tall and slender ladies with long legs and sensual curves. By Vicky

How to Pace Elegantly in Your Gorgeous Bridal Gown

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Long Train Bridal Gown
Long train wedding gown is in fact the most formal and the most elaborate design. However, pacing down the red carpet in a long train gown can be the most difficult among all as well. Take great concern not to be tripped up by your splendid dress. If you wear a corsage beneath your gown, the danger of being tripped will be lowered for guarantee. If not, try to kick up the edge of your skirt slightly as you move on. Remember not to stride in your wedding gown, and it will be suitable if you keep your step at about 20 centimeters. By this way, you can not only avoid tumbling, but also allow the guest to have a clearer sight on your splendid outfit. Moreover, the cameraman will be able to film you in a much more stunning state.

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Mermaid gowns reveal the curves of the bride in a natural but fascinating way. Yet, you may find yourself a bit stuck in your splendid dress, due to the tightening design around the knees. Worse still, normally, you will have to wear a pair of high-heels of at least 5 centimeters for matching. In this case, you will have to walk in straight just like the models on Victoria Secret for the effect of swaying. And the best part is, you won’t get tripped by your skirt by this way of walking! To be honest, it can be really difficult for brides to move freely in a mermaid gown. If you want to show off yourself desperately, you might as well select a gown that is tightened above the knees. By this way, your beauty and convenience will be mutually exclusive.

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Select Your Perfect Wedding Gown by Bypassing Your Disadvantages

10.29 COCO2016 c5For Brides with Small Breasts:
Add some special design to your ravishing gown simply will play the trick well. However, high-neck gowns may not work well on you, since you are not busty enough. Wearing a gown of more fluffy fabrics, on the other hand, can bypass your shortcomings and add sexiness to your entire outfit.
Joking apart, embellishments for small breasts are much easier than those for plump ones. You can either add pad to your bra for expansion or wear a draping dress to set off the feminine touch of yours. Yet, it’s important for you to stay away from over eye-catching accessories, as well.
A sexy low-cut gown with stereo lace cording can make you as beautiful as a flower fairy by sketching the contours of you completely. With the gorgeous train draping behind, you are sure to be the most radiant bride of the season.

For Brides with Broad Shoulders:
Pick gowns with vertical cutting design or big boat neck for the sake of balancing the width of your shoulders. Moreover, sweet embellishments on the shoulders can narrow the width in an indistinct way, too.

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Since your broad shoulders may attract others’ eyes on your big day, pay attention on the jewelries then. In fact, a thin and long necklace will do a better work than ordinary necklaces. The mix up of tulle and satin, in addition, can show off a dreamy soft color for your entire outfit. Give out the scent of gentleness and loveliness by adding delicate embroidery to the sincere cut design.

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