The new style white wedding dress is romantic and warm

Marriage can be a very important moment for all the brides. Many brides would like to use a perfect attitude to meet the most sacwhite moment of their lives. Many brides will spend a considerable amount of time choosing a suitable wedding dress for them. Western traditional culture likes white colors. So now I will introduce one of white cheap designer wedding dresses for you.


This wedding dress which I show you has differences with those traditional ones. Except the re colors, there are more designs of such dresses. And the straight designs can make the bride’s figures be more amazing. The close fitting design can also make the bride be sexier. And the double straps can also add some heavy feelings for the bride. The simple and amazing wedding dresses can be viewed as the best choices for those brides.
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If you like western dresses, you can also have a try. This kind of white wedding dresses can also make you very beautiful. white color can also make you look more delicate. So if you want to choose one for yourself, you can find one from our online shop cocomelody.

Light gold wedding dress can show the elegance of the bride

Standing collar combined with the wedding dresses can be viewed as the most popular fashion element in nowadays, which can give people a nature and mature feeling, or it can even give people a strong feeling. With the position of the women has been improved, more and more brides are willing to choose such wedding dresses. Now I will show you a golden standing collar wedding dress and I believe that this will give you some inspiration when you choose the cheap designer wedding dresses.

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This wedding dress uses the light golden color, which can give people a shiny, glamour feeling. When the bride is dressed in this wedding dress, it may make the bride like the sun, which can be used to represent the light of wisdom. This color can heighten the noble temperaments of the bride very well. This wedding dress uses a large number of embroideries, which makes the wedding dress be extremely luxurious. And the one piece light gauze from the chest to the standing collar makes the chest be more attractive. This design is very delicate and amazing, which can show the beauty of the bride’s figure very well.

Some tips for summer weddings

The venue for the wedding
When you decorate the wedding venue, you may wish to refer to the theme of the natural things and some lovely insects. For example, those ladybugs which can be used as a symbol of good luck of those sweet little bees which can be used to represent the happiness, they can all be used to decorate the venue. If couples want to create a sea wedding, then they can use the clear sea color cloth, with white bamboo chairs and plenty of candlelight to make the whole venue be clear. In addition, in the layout of the tables of the wedding banquet, newcomers can name each wedding banquet table, so the wedding can be much more fun. They can be used to record your sweet story, and share with your guests. Related Reading from Cocomelody cheap designer wedding dresses .


Wedding menu
Because of the weather, when the new couples are making the preparation for the summer weddings, they should pay attention to prepare some vegetables. Of course, the fruit is indispensable. If the couple likes to prepare food, they can make some fruits and vegetables salad. However, if wedding would be held in the outdoor place, then the new couples need to pay attention to the hygiene of the food.
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Wedding cake
Regardless the wedding is held in which season, a wedding cake which can be viewed as a symbol of happiness and sweetness should be prepared. If the wedding is held in summer, the couple may custom a simple wedding cake and share out after the wedding ceremony at once, in order to prevent the cake to melt. Here I recommend that if you do not like the wedding cake, then you can use ice cream instead. This can add some icy feelings to the hot summer.