Show off the Hottie within in an Open Chest Mermaid Backless Wedding Dress!


Not to mention, the bride herself must be the most shimmering star on her wedding day. To achieve this goal, a well thought-out wedding plan must be arranged in advance, which brings us to the selection of suitable wedding gowns. Obviously, people with different personalities show various taste on their outfit as well. With pride, we present you with this open chest backless wedding dress design among all mermaid wedding dresses.


The specially applied close fit design emphasizes the appealing curves of our fair lady, while the open chest style, as you can see for yourself, brings out the hot-self of her naturally. Now turn around and check out the half backless design behind. Dreamy and sexy from all directions. That’s what we’re talking about!


Show up as a Goddess in a Gorgeous Feathers Backless Wedding Dress

The naturally fluffy texture of feathers just can’t be replaced by any other fabric, which makes feathers the new favorite on backless Wedding Dresses 2016 and evening dress shows. These days, fashion insiders show particular interests on feathers attachment.

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As you can see from the picture, flowing air is created within a breeze by the feathers of same color on this light blue tiered wedding gown. If you’re planning to become the lead of fashion trend, then this dress must be on top of your list.

A great many of sequins are attached on this feather gown by way of forming amazing patterns. With the black feathers embellishing on your blossoms and skirt, you are promised to show up as the magnificent cold beauty at your wedding.



Sheath-Column Illusion Natural Train Tulle Ivory Sleeveless Zipper Wedding Dress with Beading and Appliques

The dreamy sense is upgraded in a nutshell by the fine feathers on the wide flares around the hips. Supposing that you’re searching for something dreamful and adorable, you shan’t miss this splendid bridal gown with the feathers on the chest echoing.

Feathers are attached in small broken bits on this wedding gown design, making a genius combination with the sewn sequins. For further details, the sense of design is applied as well by the embellishment of feathers and sequins, enriching the original sincere look of this gown.


The Blooming Trend of Classic Backless Bridal Gown

The value of a low back wedding dress is not only revealed on the delicate silhouette and amazing technique, but the convenience it provides and the fine texture it shows as well. It’s not exaggerating to say that every gown has its own luxury, expressing nobility in its own unique way.


With the mash up of flowing lace embroidered skirt, elaborate tiered strapless design and tremendous white cathedral train, you are promised to show up as a blithe elf on your wedding day. However, you will never be considered boastful but only splendid in this brilliant gown with the matching white pearl necklace on.



Sheath-Column Straps Natural Train Lace Ivory/Champagne Sleeveless Backless Wedding Dress with Appliques

Strapless design is suitable for most brides-to-be, resulting in the great amount of strapless bridal gowns on the market. No matter home or abroad, ladies are always desperate to get one of these dresses on hold.


Organza mermaid wedding dress is featured by its stiff and transparent texture, spreading dreamful air around you wherever you go. Feminine touch is sewn to your dress with all those handmade stereo flowers above the waist. Though not expensive, hard grenadine shows fantastic effects on shaping the original design. Supposing that you’re a chic girl with bold ideas in your mind all the time, you can never leave this specially-printed design out.