Winter bouquet inspiration: charming anemone

The most special place of silver lotus is its unique black pistils, the beautiful elegant design collocate with black pistils can attract people’s attention with the appearance. And anemone is the favorite wedding bouquet for the brides, winter brides often is more common in may to the October, the most popular colors of such flowers are bright red, pink, white, red, purple and blue. All these colors can be chosen by the couple; In addition, some white silver lotus has green and yellow pistils.

And the colors of the flowers can be chosen from the online shop as well. Only the color you love most is the best bouquet CocoMelody made. And if you are a traditional girl, then you could choose the color white as the main color of the bouquets. Bouquets from our website are the appropriate choice for those girls who don’t have so much money. Because of that they can make you pretty and charming without paying too much.


Then following, I will give you a few good silver lotuses wedding bouquet examples for inspiration to help you find a type of wedding charming flower.

White anemone with romantic pink buttercups, this collocation is suitable for mild and elegant bride.


Silver white lotuses with green buds and leaves can emit the bride’s elegant temperaments and aesthetic feelings.

Red anemone is contracted and luxurious and romantic. This warm color of the bouquet of flowers is the most suitable for winter weddings.

Black and white anemones collocation can be used as wedding bouquet, which is suitable for the traditional and elegant bride, and it is suitable for t weddings.

Anemone with fluffy white dahlias, increasing lush feeling for the bouquet, the pure and fresh elegant feeling can arise spontaneously.

Purple anemone is a kind of different romantic bouquet, if you want to hold a purple theme wedding, then you can use the noble and mysterious purple anemone as the wedding bouquet!


Strapless trailing wedding dress is soft and elegant

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Strapless trailing wedding dresses 2016 summer can highlight the bride’s elegance and gorgeous atmosphere, making the bride look like a fairy tale mermaid in the sea with a beautiful swinging tail, so touching, so beautiful. Strapless trailing wedding dresses can not only enhance the taste, but they can also let the bride have a certain sense of admiration. Western-style strapless wedding dress is used in more types of weddings.

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This strapless wedding dress designer used nowadays most popular waist line design in order to show the perfect S-shaped curve of the figure, with the traditional strapless design, the wedding dress is different from other common wedding dresses. And outside the wedding dress, a layer of yarn is added, which can reflect the effect, and the looming chest can be more attractive than direct nudity.

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Perfect A-line Illusion Natural Train Tulle Cap Sleeve Open Back Wedding Dress with Appliques

Another point of this wedding dress is a white bow at the waist, which can add a little more romantic atmosphere for the wedding dress. And the halter design will show the main places of the back, in order to make the bride sexy and chic. Hem of the wedding dress is using a loose skirt, like blooming flower, which is lovely, soft and elegant, revealing an atmosphere of dignified and noble. This is a very unique European-style wedding dress.


Only the wedding dress you love most can be called as the best wedding dress for you. And if you are a petite girl, then the short wedding gown can be the best choice for you, which can make your figure look taller. And the short cheap wedding dress is the most appropriate choice for those girls who don’t have so much money. So in this way they can own the beautiful and charming wedding dress without paying too much for them.

Be An Unique Bride, Star From Dress Hem

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Smooth satin wedding dress trends 2016 shows simple outline style, sleeves over the elbow, slim bow belt, tight body and the floor length dress hem are all revealed elegant and low-key temperament. The big trail design which is long to the ground will upgrade your mental aura.

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Luxurious A-Line Strapless Natural Train Tulle Ivory Sleeveless Lace Up-Corset Wedding Dress with Beading and Appliques

Refreshing delicate tulle dotted pattern, with cascading tulle dress hem, when walking the dress hem will be up and down, lithe and lovely. Bow short veil is a perfect match for the young and petite bride.

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Tighten the upper body design and fluffy tulle dress hem combination, just like a white swan which can dance, light and ethereal. Simple dish made most suitable, shiny hair can be embellished with a white line.

The extremely bright, beautiful over sized bow behind, showing its good figure shape, can be described as a soft drape of this dress.