Don’t use too many decorations.

After choosing the suits, you should not choose too many decorations. In this case, fewer decorations can be much better than too many decorations. And you can wear a flower in the buttonhole, or you can also use a handkerchief to collocate with your cuffs. These can put the finishing touch to your outfit. If your watch is large, and you wear a decorative ring, then you can take them off your hand.


You can choose the right fabric.

After you decided the key points of the styles and the fabric of the suits, you can know what you are going to choose. The wool can be warm, but it is a little expensive. And you should also remember that the acrylic fabric is not suitable for any seasons. So don’t choose men’s wear made by this fabric.


Choose Your Groom Suit Based on your Skin Tone


Those grooms who have white skin color have more choices than other bridegrooms. They can choose the suits and the ties according to their own characteristics. At the same time, they should also pay attention to the clothes of the bride. Then they can decide the color of the bridegroom’s suits according to the color tone. For example, if a bridegroom chooses a dark colored dress, or a black suit, then he can choose a white shirt or other colored light colored shirts. Gray colored, blue colored, silver colored or black and red colored ties, which can make them be more elegant and casual. While, if you want to choose those dark green colored suits, you should choose those dark brown color or white and red ties, which can make her become more elegant and noble. If you like such collocation, then you can come to CocoMelody to have a look. We can show you more information about man’s suits.


Sky Blue Evening Dress can Make you Cool and Confident

The evening dress which I will introduce to you is with the sky blue color. The blue color is used as the main color of this series of elegant evening dresses, which can be used to show the performer’s innocent and pure feelings. The chic and confident temperaments can also be added in this case. Another highlight of this dress is its unique double-layer structure design, the outer layer is made of extremely thin gauze, when winds blow, and we can find that it is full of elegance and beauty.


From the details, the inner layer of this dress is made of relatively thick fabric. While the inner layer of the dress uses more popular high waistline design to highlight the softness of the artist’s curve. While the outer layer is made of thin gauze, so that the lower part of this dress seems looming and dignified. There is a very small calf design on the skirt, which can be used to make the performer’s body appear to be more bumpy. In conclusion, this is a very amazing evening dress.