Brides should know these things before the weddings

Wedding gifts: now many new couples have no ideas about the wedding gifts. But in fact, this is a thing which can reflect your heart to share the joy. Souvenir doesn’t have to be expensive but it must be innovative, which can let guests remember this day. And they can send the most sincere blessing to you.


Flower girl dress: if your wedding has a flower girl, then you must personally prepare a flower girl dress for her. The carved lace chiffon dress is too cute. I believe that she will become a major highlight of the wedding.

The dress for the honeymoon: after the wedding, you are going to enjoy the honeymoon. And you should prepare things in advance. Those sexy, formal and casual styles of designer dresses for weddings can all be taken out. And you should also know that you should make full exercise to win a perfect figure. Then you can show the perfect figure during the honeymoon.

Weddings are so sweet, if you are going to get married in following months, you should make preparations right now.

Some important elements for the wedding bachelor parties

We may often see from the TV show that those boys will hold a bachelor party for the bridegroom. As the friends of the bride, we could also hold a wedding party for the bride. As her best friends, and see her enter the wedding hall, you will feel happy from your heart. And this kind of things should be celebrated before the wedding. So let’s hold a bridal shower to make her fall in love with you girls for the last time. And today, I conclude some elements which you should know if you want to hold the bachelor parties before the wedding.


Fancy dessert:
The girls party should have dessert! Pick some fancy nice taste delicious dessert, and carefully place some small disc and special props, then you can temporarily lose annoying calories with your sisters. The small desserts can be used as the main dishes; this will look more delicate and lovely. And the number of the cakes can also be very satisfying. With colorful plates, it can be very decorative. And then a small card can be used to adorn the dessert. More blog posts, you can visit CocoMelody.
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The drinks should also be prepared. You can also pick one which others all like to drink, which can make the happiness full in the room. In addition, you can also use some ribbons and fruits to decorate the desserts and drinks.

Pure white floor length lace wedding dress is romantic and beautiful

Inside of every girl’s heart, there is a dream that at one day, she can wear a romantic wedding dress and then enter the sacred wedding hall with prince charming. To create romantic weddings, there are many different methods. We can also create the romantic atmosphere according to the fabric of the discount designer wedding dresses. Now I will introduce a romantic lace wedding dress for you. Let’s have a look at it together.


This wedding dress uses light lace fabric, which can make the bride be elegant and romantic. The wedding dress uses the backless design to show the delicate and sexy back of the bride. The light veil of the wedding dress can also give another beauty to the bride’s back. This wedding dress can make women very beautiful, when you see them with the first glance, you may also think that they are those delicate flowers.

All women want to have a romantic wedding, so come and get one appropriate wedding dress for you at once!