Double straps V shape backless wedding dress can help you show your charm

Every girl has her own dream in the deepest place of her heart that is wearing a dreamy long trailing wedding dress and walking into the wedding hall with her prince. Chasing the dream and realizing the dream can be one happiest thing in our lives.b12318a

With the development of the economy, there are more and more brides having the ability to buy their favorite couture wedding dresses. And in nowadays, more brides are just confused about which kind of wedding dresses can they choose for their wedding days. Now I will introduce a double straps V shape trailing wedding dress for you.
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This trailing wedding dress belongs to the fashionable romantic wedding dresses. Such dress is not only sexy, but also romantic. And it adopts lace fabric as the material of the straps, which can make the wedding dress be more sexy and romantic. The double straps wedding dress can be collocated with elegant veils, which can show the beautiful back of the bride. And the simple train of the wedding dress can make the bride just be beautiful as a blooming flower, giving people a fresh feeling.

Some problems may occur when you rent wedding dresses (1)

Compared to buying a wedding dress, in recent years, there are more and more brides willing to choose a more convenient and simpler way that is to renting a wedding dress. Although renting wedding dress is easier than buying a wedding dress, there are also many problems need to pay attention to. In order to ensure that you have rent a good wedding dress, what can we do or what attention we need to carefully pay. Followings are some tips for you when you are going to choose a wedding dress.

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At first, we should look at the price of the wedding dresses and find the same dress in more than three shops to find out which one is relatively more affordable. But we can not completely see prices; we should also see the quality of the wedding dresses. Some relatively affordable wedding dresses may have not so good qualities. Some of them may be more expensive than it really be. We should choose a wedding dress with very good qualities. So when you choose the wedding dress shops, you should choose some relatively good institutions. At the same time, you should also see that whether it has value-added services, for example, give you some discount designer wedding dresses, or send you bridesmaid dresses and so on.


At the same time, you should find some more reliable stores. Do not just choose those cheap shops, or if you find some shops with poor credibility will make your own wedding be not successful. You should also avoid those shops who promised something for you, but they still couldn’t do like so. Do not let them affect your mood.

How to decorate your garden wedding (2)

1.You can use the background wall which is full of flowers to decorate your wedding. And this can be the best element for your wedding.

2.You can use water fall shape flowers to decorate your desk, which can make the banquet be more fashionable and amazing.

3.The bicycle element can be chic and funny for those garden theme weddings.

4.You can use some natural elements as the plate for your rings.

5.You can prepare some fresh flowers for your guests.

6.You can put the crystal chandeliers on the trees, which can also be used to add some personalities as well as the elegance.

7.The dinner can be held in the garden.

8.The dessert can also be made by some natural things. Like flowers or leaves, this can be put easily.


9.The flower decorations can be chic, which can be a good choice.

10.There are so many flowers in the garden, so you can use some flowers to decorate your bridesmaids.

There is so much knowledge about the garden weddings, if you want to know more, you can come to cocomelody and ask more couture wedding dresses. To make your wedding be more perfect, to leave a better memory for yourself.