In the eye of the perfect bride, how to choose the right wedding dress

When it comes to winter, people will fist think about winter snow, the sparkling snow can give people some romantic feeling, this is a unique romantic winter, you can choose a shape of snowflake jewelry on the wedding dress, the wedding dress can bring you a different gorgeous feeling. When it comes to the selection of designer wedding dresses, l want to introduce the “Snow Queen” Elsa’s dress, which is inspired by the classic style pale blue wedding dress, wedding decorations on the wedding dress look like the dim lights shining in the most beautiful snow. For all the brides, do you want to hold a wedding with the “Frozen” theme?


When the white color meet the bare pink color as well as the fluffy texture, the fur has become like cotton candy, which can be very sweet. Fur has become the wedding element in recent years, this time if your wedding is held in the coldest weather, you can choose a winter day when you may wish to put on the bride’s wedding dress as well as the fur accessories, both can be warm and gentle. Then your wedding can be very different from others’.

Cocomelody will choose the most suitable long-sleeved wedding dress this time to recommend to you, for this wedding in the winter, you can wear the wedding dress with multiple-layers, which can give people the clouds sense. And the white flowers on the skirt are scattered at random, which can give people the feeling then you are beautiful just like a beautiful flower. The overall aesthetic will be very fantastic. With the sparkling diamond accessories, holding a white bouquet, you can become the most romantic bride in this cold winter!

Small trailing strapless wedding dress can show the elegance and beauty

Though European women have the characteristics of unrestrained, when they choose the discount designer wedding dresses, there will be many women choose simple and elegant designer gowns. Just because of this, the simple wedding dresses have become more and more popular in these years.


And this kind of wedding dress has become one of the beloved wedding dress designs for lots of world famous wedding dress designers. Now I will introduce a wedding dress for you, which belongs to the small trailing simple one color wedding dresses. This wedding dress adopts the design of straight line and using the thin silk to bring luxurious feelings.


logoThe texture is so comfortable, so it can make the bride feel at ease when she dressed in this wedding dress. This wedding dress can also bring the elegant and natural atmosphere for the brides. And the design of this wedding dress is very simple; the high waistline of the wedding dress can make the bride be elegant and noble. And it can make the bride be sexy and luxurious.

International Fashion Week

I will take you into the International Fashion Week show, to enjoy these delicate gorgeous wedding dress designs, in the beginning of 2016, let’s feel amazing with these designs.


Delicate gorgeous wedding dresses are amazing, and brides will think about the picture when they wear such wedding dresses. Wearing wedding dress can be which kind of feeling? A friend once told me that when she put on the wedding dress, the moment, there is a shock and she wanted to “cry,” the impulse to want to cry of the happiness. At that moment, the feeling of happiness may only be performed by the tears.

logoThe design of the original wedding dress is not very complicated. Then era, wedding dress is no longer limited to only one style, the bride’s designer wedding gowns can convey personality and temperament. This season, “Ge Lan” breakthrough the design of traditional wedding dresses, putting forward the “hit color” concept, in the wedding dress material, color and forms of expression, they have become more flexible and daring. This color yarn is very instantaneous which can help girls return to the age of young girls, people can expect the beautiful wedding dress with the first glance swept the wedding of “rainbow cake.” The wedding dress decorated with a bow is so beautiful that many prospective brides like them. Designers Ren Chunhua takes the practical pursuit of artistic and viewer’s points into account. Apart from the usual white wedding dress, the other colors have also appeared in “Ge Lan”. The hand-painted oriental ink pattern, the picturesque feeling is matched with the elegance of the western-style wedding dress.