Love, using kiss to create one day

Love, love, love, you can use a kiss to create a beautiful design for your photo album design, collect ten classic moments, or some beautiful, or fashionable style to help you to take the more beautiful wedding designer dresses photos. And followings are some suggestions for the scenarios.


Recommended scenario 1: you can enjoy the wedding in the snow day. The new couple can have an embrace which can be really romantic. If you do like so, you can find that this is just like a movie scene and you will never forget the beautiful moments.

Recommendation scenario 2: embracing the natural forest with love. You can be surrounded by all the trees and flowers. Do you like this feeling, or do you like such fairy styles?


Recommended scenario 3: in this case, you can hold the wedding ceremony on the one side of the road, so you can take your husband’s hand and enjoy the new journey of love. Let us enjoy the kiss of love now!

Recommendation scenario 4: you can take the photo with the beloved person, and you may look like the beautiful flower when you are on the swing, and you can be very fresh and elegant if you take the wedding photo on the swing.

Recommend scenario 5: not everyone can stand in front of the castle. The castle can be the best place for you if you want to take the wedding photos, but we can borrow the background of the castle to take those very romantic wedding photos.


Recommend scenario 6: you can use those rich colors to make the wedding photos be more beautiful. And if you use more colors, you can find that the wedding photos have become more and more vivid.

Recommended scenario 7: you can take the wedding photos on the lawn and when you are taking photos, you can try more poses, for example, you can kiss your husband at the time when the photographer take the photos for you.

Recommended scenario 8: if you want to take the wedding photos just by the big tree, then you can stand beside a lovely tree and kiss your husband and win the love forever. Fairy lights flashing can make the background more romantic.


Recommended scenario 9: the setting of the wedding photos can be the dawn light which can be used to create the romantic atmosphere, or you can also use golden sunshine, to capture the stunning contour, and the effect can be very great.

Recommended scenario 10: you can shoot the wedding photos on the ladder and you can make some dynamic postures, and then you can kiss gently over the ladder, so you can leave the moment in your lifetime forever.

Pink bridesmaid dresses designs

Want to be the princess in your sister’s wedding day? Tell your pink design bridesmaid dresses, you might as well refer to some good sisters; maybe this tone is right for them, oh.


Because the bride is a bridesmaid dress ornament, cannot upstage the bride, after all, is the absolute protagonist bride designer dresses for weddings. Bridesmaid dresses to unlimited long or short, but this is the color of the dress is suitable for the best light, playful and lively yellow, a vibrant green, pure and fresh quietly elegant blue, pink sweet, pleasant, fresh, can direct light. Get married in the spring and summer season, the fresh color is undoubtedly the best choice.



Yellow – one of the most interesting and lively
Yellow bridesmaid dresses: spring and summer yellow power, whether on the street or the T stage visible yellow sheet is tasted, bright fluorescent yellow to pale yellow, in seasonal trend line, will not be too exaggerated, if it is light purple is the mass-tone attune of the wedding, then yellow bridesmaid dress is a great choice.


And the bridesmaids can also match the entire feeling with the party as well as the bride’s wedding dress. We should know that the bridesmaid dresses are available at many of the same retailers or the online websites just like cocomelody. Also, many of the bridesmaid dresses are simple enough so these dresses can double the wedding feelings. If you choose to wear the full wedding gown, then the attendants of the bridesmaid dress will be more beautiful. And you should alternatively choose the right dress.

The amazing beautiful rose wedding dress can make you like the princess

No matter the wedding dress of Kate princess or the wedding dress for the Miss from the British drama “the tang’s manor,” these dresses can let a board face be more gentle and leave a good impression to others. If you are planning to hold a wedding with full of flowers, or if you want to own a green wedding, you might as well choose a popular wedding dress designers which can let you be gentle just like the English rose blossoming.



This wedding dress uses the most popular high waist design to make it close the body style, so it can highlight the bride’s perfect body curves. Coupled with simple personal bra can make others think about that you want to expose your figure and cover your figure at the same time. The tempting, hierarchical style design with princess skirt can be very beautiful. And a small trailing cut style can make the event seem noble and won’t make the wedding frivolous. The low-key aesthetic will also be shown among the crowd.

Rich layering of the fluffy yarn can make the bride look like a quietly lily, clear simple with its own clever beauty, fresh and elegant like the lotus. The light and graceful transparent veil can modify the bride’s graceful posture, make the bride’s figure just like the bamboo in the mountain, which is lovely, soft and elegant, and reveal the noble temperament of the wedding dress owner.


Milk white wedding dress collocated with the beading flowers and those feathers on the waistline can all make the bride look like the fairy like princess. And such details can make the dress become a secret garden.