How to Choose Wedding Dresses Based on Skin Colors?


1.Fair skin: Brides with fair skin can choose pink wedding dress trends 2016. Those heavy colors like red or velvet black should be avoided cause they will create an inharmonious feeling.

2.Dark complexion: Brides with dark complexion can pick those light colors to perfectly match with their healthy look. Try to avoid pink wedding gowns or the whole look will be covered by the dark complexion.

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3.Yellow skin: Generally speaking, brides with yellow skin will look a little bit terrible. So dresses in modest shades will be suitable. Try to avoid those sophisticated gowns unless the bride’s face shape is very perfect. BY Nina

4.Bridal gowns’ styles will be affected by the season. There will be a limitation of long-sleeved design. So it is also common to see strapless dresses or dresses with short sleeves in winter. But don’t forget to wear a white shawl to keep warm. You can visit Landybridal to find your dreamy wedding gown.

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Sweet Sweetheart Natural Floor Length Tulle Pink Sleeveless Wedding Dress with Beading

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Tips for Choosing Wedding Dresses in Winter


Do you plan to hold a wedding in winter? This is a cold season so if you only wear a wedding dress, you may catch cold. Wanna be warm yet still attractive? Let’s see some nice wedding dresses for the beach in winter.

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1.Blue A-line light wedding dress
This kind of dress shows the bride’s fair skin. With a beige shawl, the bride looks so beautiful.

2.Strapless wedding dress
This gown exudes the bride’s feminine charm and romance. With a hollowed-out knitting cardigan, you’ll feel warm and the whole look will be graceful in such a cold weather.

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Delicate Sheath-Column V-neck Tulle Ivory Cap Sleeve Wedding Dress with Beading from Cocomelody

3.If the weather is colder, a khaki sweater coat is also a great choice.
4.The match of a white wedding dress and a leopard shawl can be nice as well.

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5.The sparkling satin long wedding dress perfectly matches with the irregular smock which is decorated with flower prints to show elegant charm. And the empire waist makes the bride more slender. By Cora

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What type of dress is suitable for the lawn wedding


Lawn wedding which close to nature is becoming more and more popular among new people, so what kind of lace wedding dress with sleeves is suitable for the lawn wedding? By Cora

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The first recommend
Strapless, A line, with the tail, the three elements are the most favorite styles for Asia bride, and it is also the most conforms to the lawn wedding, appear pure and fresh and elegant.

The second recommend
The fish tail that is not very narrow your body can also be used as a lawn wedding, but must tall bride just try, otherwise since its short.

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The third recommend
Long tail wedding dress is very suitable for the lawn wedding, if a champagne satin elements can appear very atmospheric.

The fourth recommend
White dress, with the help of the grass, lawn wedding visual enjoyment. Are easier to highlight the bride’s white than the white soft, creamy white wedding dress will make the color of skin looks more modern. If you are interested, you can visit Landybridal to find those beautiful wedding gowns.

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Romantic Trumpet Mermaid V Neck Floor Length Ivory Wedding Dress

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