How to choose a perfect dress to cover your shortcoming

For those who are tall and slim, this kind of brides-to-be are just like dress hangers, they can wear all kinds of inexpensive lace wedding dresses beautifully, esp. the tight mermaid style wedding dresses, or the small skirt wedding dresses can show their body figure perfectly

For those who are chubby, they should better choose simply cut, plus some trims, which make the brides seems slimmer, however they should avoid high neckline style, should choose low neckline and should better avoid the complicated waistline and hem designs.

For those who are thin and tall, they should better choose dresses which emphasis the two shoulders, which makes the bride seems better, and also should choose poppy sleeves or ruffles or adding shoulder pads, with changing curves on the top part. However they should avoid showing the shoulders or bust or straight styles

For those who are over chubby in the top, they should better choose wedding dresses with a simply designed top part, but still can show the bust curves; for those who are over chubby under the waistline, they should avoid wedding dresses with a lot of ruffles

For those who are too slim, they should better wear Romantic Illusion Natural Train Lace White Half Sleeve Wedding Dress with high neckline, such as white wedding dresses or evening dresses with layers and ruffles

Wedding Dresses for Petite Brides

Many petite brides will be upset about how to pick beach wedding dresses gowns. They admire those tall and slender girls cause they look nice whatever they wear. Don’t worry! If you fully know those features of your figure, you can also find a wedding dress that is only suitable for you!

Some brides-to-be don’t like short wedding dresses. In their mind, a wedding dress without long train is not a real wedding dress. So why not take a look at this one? This asymmetrical wedding dress perfectly shows your legs but doesn’t make the whole look top-heavy.

If you still prefer a A-Line Natural Ankle Length Tulle Sleeveless Zipper Wedding Dress with long train, try to think about the empire waist wedding dresses. In this way, you don’t need a too long train which will make you look even shorter.

Another style is side split or middle split. When the bride walks, her legs will be shown. Also, the light fabric will also make the whole look tall and slim!

Winter wedding dress selection strategy

Every girl dreams of becoming the most dazzling bride, then a perfect beach theme wedding dresses is essential for a single product. The temperament characteristic of each person are not the same, how to make the wedding dress in your body light requires you have a pair of smart eyes.

1.Retro and minimalist intertwined
Girls who love retro feeling can try a design of complex long tail with flowers, lace and so on, stacked abdominal extravagant let your wedding more magnificent, the baroque style of the palace style by many women sought and favor, is undoubtedly in the luxury and retro style mainstream wedding fashion. But recently, in this complex marriage gauze has gradually become simple and simple. For example, in white wedding dress is more and more like, A-line skirt design makes you look more dream, replacing the publicity and bohemian.

2.Color no taboo
The western white wedding dress on behalf of the girl’s pure, the meaning of loyalty and holy, elegant and romantic wedding itself for women are very beautiful items. Recently, however, color wedding attracts more and more more people like, occupying the position of a thriving, color wedding dresses and flower elements combined with together the dream the creativity and beauty, let you still flower fairy like gorgeous.

3.Beautiful wedding dress
Some people like simple Vintage Ball Gown Strapless Knee Length Wedding Dress, there are also people like the fairy tale princess like gorgeous, therefore in the wedding dress ornament is also very important, their trend is close to when fashion season. Various other publicity luxury gold and silver ornaments, bow-knot, large pieces of pearl, precious bead embroidery, shining crystal fashion elements are being applied to the wedding headpiece.