Five Suggestions of Winter Wedding

1.Food principle: hearty dinner
The formal and decent wedding feast will definitely gain all wedding guests’ satisfaction and praise. Try to choose the finest ingredients and increase the number of calories in food. Meanwhile, meat and desserts will be more favored by guests. In addition, you can also match them with some wines and champagne.
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2.Invitation principle: solemn and sincere
Surely wedding invitations should coordinate with the wedding theme. You can use relevant materials and decorations to reflect the unique charm in winter. Paper cards can increase the thickness and materials like leather or velvet can also replace it. In addition, feather, crystal and sequin are all indispensable elements for the clear winter wedding while replacing the ribbon bowknot with some wool decorations will better reflect the cozy style of the upcoming marriage life.

3.Gift principle: warm and considerate
Sweet and warm cheap ball gown wedding dresses will make guests feel a warm kind of gratefulness even in cold winter. Those knitting scarves, gloves, hot chocolate and wedding cupcakes are all great choices.

4.Site principle: destination wedding
If you still want to hold an outdoor wedding in cold winter, why not fly to tropical areas or the Southern Hemisphere? Those destinations are waiting for you to realize your dream. You can make a vow on the island, hold a fresh beach wedding, have a barbecue and enjoy the party time; also, you can take wedding photos in the Queenstown in New Zealand and see beautiful Australian landscape; in South America, you can celebrate your happy wedding with revelers.

5.Color principle: bold or fresh

What Should Brides Do Most after Choosing the Wedding Dress?

For brides, wedding is exciting yet complicated. You will not only choose your favorite wedding dress from various kinds of wedding dresses but also need to do lots of things after choosing the wedding dress, such as selecting dresses for bridesmaids or making your own bridal look more beautiful. Next, let’s have a look at what brides should do most after choosing the wedding dress in detail.

1.Look for a tailor.
If the place that you buy your lace open back wedding dresses doesn’t offer alteration service, then try to look for a trustworthy tailor. You shouldn’t start your searching after reaching the wedding dress. You can ask your surrounding friends and colleagues for some recommendations. And your friends who have been married recently or your wedding dress boutique will also give you great advice.
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2.Add something blue.
According to the traditional customs of marriage in the West that there should be something old, new, borrowing and blue, blue element needs to be decorated on the bridal outfit. So it’s time to decide whether you want to add a circle of blue ribbon on the wedding dress or match it with a pair of blue peep toes or choose several blue accessories.

3.Choose accessories.
Besides jewelry, the complete bridal look also needs many other accessories. And when you alter the wedding dress before the first time, you need to determine headdress and the style of wedding veil. As for shawl and handbag, you can confirm later.

4.Purchase jewelry.
You can start to consider what kind of jewelry you want to wear on your big day according to your wedding dress style. Also, you can bring more alternative jewelry to try different matching effects when you try on your wedding dress.

5.Start a fitness program.
If you want to lose weight before your wedding, you can consult the nutritionist and the fitness instructor to make a plan. Before trying on your wedding dress, you can set a numerical goal and try your best to finish it.

6.Choose bridesmaid dresses.
After determining your wedding dress style, you can set about choosing your bridesmaid dresses. Try to select all styles (or at least most styles) that bridesmaids will be satisfied with and then place an order. Bridesmaid dresses may not be all similar with the wedding dress but their styles or texture should echo with the bridal gown.

Different Evening Dresses from Korean Celebrities

Different annual award ceremonies have been over and this means 2014 passed.

At every annual award ceremony, undoubtedly the biggest highlight is celebrities’ fashion styles. Since countless celebrities will gather together, naturally they sparkle the whole red carpet.

And their cheap ball gown wedding dresses shapes often amaze people a lot. At this award ceremony, Two main styles including shining evening dresses and dreamy white dresses fully caught people’s eyes. Next, let’s take a look at those celebrities’ beautiful shapes!
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Shining evening dresses
The award ceremony can be a party for celebrities so the gorgeous element is essential.

Xiu Ying who is a member of Girls’ Generation host MBC Drama Awards 2014 and wore a very noble and gorgeous metallic evening dress to show the elegant feminine charm incisively and vividly. And especially the match of a unique ring on her hand and gray nail made the whole look more perfect.

Zhang Nala wore a sparkling black evening dress with sheer element. And when she matched it with sexy black nail, her former lovely girl image faded and a mature woman’s graceful charm was fully shown.

Jin Zhihao who is over 40 years old wore a black strapless evening dress with patterns. When she matched it with a handbag and nail in the same color, the whole look exuded endless sexy charm.