Advantages and Disadvantages of Necklines of Two Wedding Dresses

1.Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses
Features: The neckhole of this kind of bridal wedding dresses 2015 is beneath shoulders to reveal collarbones and shoulders while its sleeves cover a part of upper arms. Such a wedding dress style is suitable for most of women and it will make those whose chests are medium-sized or plump very beautiful. However, if your arms are relatively thick or you are not used to baring your shoulders, then you can have a try on the neckline which is introduced below.
Suitable for brides who have plump chests or pear shape
Unsuitable for brides who have wide shoulders or thick arms
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2.Wedding dresses with cap sleeves
Features: This kind of wedding dress has the similar style as the wedding dress which is introduced above. However, it needs more fabrics. It looks as if shoulders were linked up by a wide and soft roundness.
Suitable for brides who have relatively thick arms or protruding collarbones
Unsuitable for brides whose collarbones are indistinct

Some Legends about the Wedding Veil

For the origin of brides’ wearing vintage bridal accessories, there are many other allusions and legends.

1.An allusion says that during former arranged marriage, the bride will hide her face until the end of wedding. In this way, the groom will not cancel the marriage contract because of the bride’s bad-looking.

2.In some western cultures, the wedding veil is used to protect brides from ghosts.

3.In western legends, the bride’s veil symbolizes youth and purity. In early years, Christian brides will wear white veils to show purity and festivity or wear blue veils to show their purity like Virgin Mary.

4.An allusion says that the origin of the wedding veil dates back to a few centuries ago, when the groom and his friends (groomsmen) caught the bride, he would throw a piece of cloth on the bride’s head to represent that she was hunted.

5.It is reported that when Nellie Wallace who was Martha Washington’s granddaughter got married, her creative idea of wearing a white scarf pioneered a fashion. And that is why brides today should wear white veils. That year, fiance of Nellie Wallace was deeply attracted when he saw her stand behind the silk curtain. This gave inspirations for Nellie to wear white gauze at her wedding.

So, the origin of bridal wedding veil has different legends. But for brides who are about to get married, they might as well choose a suitable veil for their wedding dresses to perfectly show their beautiful and appealing side.

Specific Introduction of Bride’s Delicate Hair Accessories of Wedding Dress

Everything starts from scratch. And there’s no doubt that a beautiful bride’s makeup also starts from the head. A suitable bridal hair accessory is the finishing point of the whole shape. Whether the dazzling pearl or a sparkling crown, both can make the bride more beautiful and appealing. At the same time, the bride’s taste and temperament will be accentuated as well.

Crown hair vintage bridal accessories:
The crown stands for nobility and elegance in women’s mind. Its styles can be divided into three kinds: classic, grand and gorgeous type. Brides should choose the suitable crown according to their own characteristics. The classic type is suitable for introverted petite brides. The grand type is suitable for brides who have superwoman’s temperament. And the gorgeous type is suitable for brides who are full of feminine charm and have enchanting temperament.

Flower hair accessories:
Outdoor wedding, garden wedding, villa wedding, beach wedding and etc. are more and more popular. Therefore, you can coordinate with the environment to make yourself become a beautiful bride who roams in nature. At this time, flowers become the essential wedding material. And using flowers to create a unique hairstyle is very fashionable. Whether long hair, updo or even short hair, you can make your hair closely touch with nature.

Pearl hair accessories:
Pearl stands for happiness. The application of pearl as hair accessory will not only reflect elegant Chinese flavor, but it will also make the bride look rather demure and graceful, showy but not seductive, gorgeous but not vulgar. Whether it matches with wedding dress or cheongsam, the pure and elegant pearl accessory will make the bride look more enchanting. Generally, pearl accessories are suitable to match with satin or chiffon wedding dresses.

Veil accessories:
When the bride walks down the aisle, she wears a long wedding veil, which means the arrival of happiness and gives people a noble and gorgeous feeling. The veil’s styles can be classified into three kinds. You can simply put the veil on your head or use hair accessories as decorations to achieve more ideal effect. And a strapless wedding dress can go best with the wedding veil.

Hat accessories:
If you are a brides-to-be who likes pursuing individuality, the shape with a pillbox hat is a great choice. It is cool and pretty, showing personality and fashion on your head. And when it matches with ornaments like crystals, pearls, feather and etc., the whole look will be cool without losing feminine charm.

Crystal accessories:
If you want to be a twinkling bride, the crystal is a necessity. Its surface is smooth and beautiful, presenting brilliant luster. And it can perfectly match with different materials. The most common matches we can see in hair accessories are its match with crowns and hairpins, which will make the finishing point for the bride’s hairstyle.