Reveal Tips for the Choice of Wedding Shoes

Normally, during the process of taking wedding dresses shop photos, feet will be seldom shot. The reason is that most wedding dresses are long, which can fully cover brides’ feet. Although the occasion that shooting feet will rarely appear, showing your lovely feet is actually great.


If you wear a white wedding dress, we suggest that you’d better wear a pair of shoes in light color. If you want to highlight your beautiful tall figure or reduce the height distance of your partner, then wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes is really right. Of course, the shoes’ color should go well with the wedding dress. Otherwise, the whole look may cause large contrast. Meanwhile, you should choose a pair of shoes which both fit your feet and make you comfortable because the shoot will last for a long time. Taking wedding photos is also a energy consuming thing, so a pair of suitable shoes will let you remain plentiful energy. In addition, when you are on location, you’d better choose a pair of low-heeled shoes or comfortable sneakers. If it’s in hot summer, cute slippers are also a great choice.


If wedding photos that you want to take need comparatively individual style designs, then you have to match them with shoes in different styles. The day before shooting, you’d better communicate with the photographer about what kind of shoes are suitable for wedding photos. For example, when taking wedding photos themed anime, you should wear shoes of the role that you play; for wedding photos themed campus, you’d better wear casual canvas shoes; and if you want to take vintage uniform photos, you’ll surely need to wear green rubber shoes which can be the most classic at that time!

Classic Wedding Ceremony Starts from the Pure White Wedding Veil

The custom that brides have to wear wedding veils is originated from England. English people show special preference to white as this color symbolizes youth and purity. And brides’ wearing white wedding veils represents purity and celebration. In the whole wedding outfit, the magic of a wedding veil is undeniable. From the time of lifting the veil, the bride will have to spend her whole life with the person beside her.

Following are several common veils:

Two-tier veil: This veil style has two layers and the length of each layer is different. Since the two-tier wedding veil has more space than the one-tier one, make sure the integral look and don’t let a small veil capture the charm of the beach wedding dresses cheap online.

Elbow length veil: This kind of veil is usually used for short or floor-length wedding dresses. Its length goes about to the bride’s elbow so such a veil will accentuate the waist design of the wedding dress. For ball gowns or wedding dresses with large skirts, the elbow length veil can be a great match. However, the veil’s length should be cut in the bottom of the back and cannot be lower than the place where the skirt pendulum starts to outspread.

Fingertip length veil: The length of this style reaches simply to the fingertips when hands naturally drape down. This is also a common length of wedding veil. Except for short wedding dresses, it can match other wedding dresses in almost any length.

Chapel length veil: Usually, it will also match some other shorter wedding veils. Two or three layers are very common and this length is the bottom layer. A wedding veil in such length is suitable for long-sleeved wedding dresses or dresses with a standard length.

Cathedral length veil: This long wedding veil extends from head to ankle. Generally, it is applied for a very formal wedding and needs to match the wedding dress with a long train.

Tips for Wearing Wedding Dresses

At the beach themed wedding dresses 2015, there’s no doubt that every bride would like to be the most beautiful woman so they will spend much effort to make themselves perfect. However, not all brides have the perfect figure. Too fat or too thin? Too high or too low? These “defective body types” are not terrible! Learn some tips and wear a wedding dress that is suitable for your figure, you can equally be the “perfect” bride.

The petite and thin body shape makes a lot of Oriental brides worried. In fact, as long as choosing the right style of wedding dress, petite brides can also look tall and become confident. If you are a petite bride, you might as well choose wedding dresses with high waist or V-shaped low waist design, which will visually elongate your figure and make you look tall and slim.

As a petite and thin bride, try to avoid selecting wedding dresses with too long skirt or too fluffy skirt as they will give people a top-heavy feeling.